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Scientific & Educational Centre NEVOD  is a structural division of MEPhI, whose work is based on the organic unity of scientific and educational processes in fundamental and applied research and the training of highly qualified personnel in the real conditions of modern large-scale physics experiment.

In the Scientific & Educational Centre NEVOD, operates a unique experimental complex of physical systems and detectors that have no analogues in the world, which are designed to study the natural flux of particles on the surface of the Earth, is operated: water Cherenkov detector, coordinate - tracking detector and muon hodoscopes, and various technological systems and training and research stands united with a local area network.

SEC NEVOD prepares bachelors, masters, postgraduate and doctoral students on a wide range of specialties.



SEC NEVOD works in close cooperation with the institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Government research centers, leading universities, industry research institutes, scientific and technical firms and industrial enterprises of Russia, as well as with research centers and universities in foreign countries: England, Argentina, Italy, Germany, USA, France and Switzerland.

Establishment of the Centre was awarded with the prize of the President of the Russian Federation in the field of education for the year 1997.

Heads the Scientific & Educational Centre NEVOD Professor, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Anatoly Petrukhin.



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